Is Your Bedroom Cool for the Summers?

As the temperature is constantly rising, every one of us is continuing to toss and fidget the whole night. A comfortable bedroom that was our haven for almost more than three quarters of the year, is no longer that relaxing. You might want to consider exchanging the warm winter bedding and infuse the entire area with light and airy style, in order to create a bedroom that is a paradise for the summer. In addition to making your bedroom feel comfortable, small design improvements like a chic fan on a table or breathable linen may really make your room feel cooler.

Here are some of our expert tips to adjust your bedroom settings as per the changing weather and choose the best accessories for your bedroom.

You should go for whites as it makes your bedroom look light and minimalistic. If you are planning to do so, here are a few points to consider:

The texture is important:

Definitely, the texture matters a lot. Select the linens with varied textures, such as the ones that have ruffles, fur, chenille, and velvet, etc. The texture makes any simple space look more appealing and well put up.

• Keep it Clean:

As the white hues are more prone to getting dusty or stained as compared to the colored ones, it becomes unavoidable to keep them clean. Wash your bedsheets, pillow covers, and other accessories on a regular schedule. It will keep your linen and accessories smelling fresh and staying white.

• Choose the Right Pillow

We would highly recommend you to use lightweight and soft pillows during this season. One of our favorite picks would definitely be the Celeste Microfiber Pillow. Our microfiber pillow is unbelievably lightweight and plush. Its ultra-soft texture provides the ideal balance of cushiness and support; improving your sleep experience altogether. It is white in color and will blend in with just any interior.

Pick the Perfect Materials:

We would suggest that you should not only find the right bed but also choose the summer-perfect materials. We would advise you to consider picking light and breathable materials. The most breathable of natural textiles are, for example, linens and cotton, whereas synthetic fabrics retain

moisture so they should be avoided. Your choice of mattress, pillows, and sheets also matters the most.

If you are looking for some options to consider, we would highly recommend the Celeste Cool Gel mattress.

It is considered an innovation in sleep technology and is prudently designed to provide a balanced sleeping surface all year round. The medium-firm surface contains an air regulation mechanism paired with cool gel technology and 7 zone grooves. Air-flow technology provides extraordinary breathability which activates the cool gel beads to work their magic.

Mimic the Nature:

Consider incorporating the plants as well as other natural components into the bedroom. A few options we would suggest you go for include, plant pots, fresh money plant leaves, or backyard flowers. These components provide vibrancy to space, makes it feel welcoming and light. Even if you live in the center of a busy city, these will bring nature inside your bedroom. They'll not be just greenery and excellent decorative features, but also keep the air pure thus improving the chances of restful sleep in your bedroom.

Keep it Light:

Make absolutely sure the air in your room is unimpeded by furnishings or any décor. The air in your bedroom should be able to flow easily through the area. Invest in a fan that complements the design of your bedroom so that you may leave it on your table or desk. Whether your home decor style is antique, modern, or glamorous, there is always something to find. Choose lightweight sheets, coverings, and accessories that can be pulled on a colder night or left on the end of your bed during hotter nights.

We, the sleep solutions provider at Master Celeste are fully aware of the importance of a restful night’s sleep. We have churned out these effective tips and really hope that you will benefit from these.


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