An Open Letter to all the Invincible Papa Janis!

"A child may outgrow their father’s lap but they will never outgrow a father’s heart."

At MoltyFoam we have always celebrated the beautiful bond that a father shares with his daughter. Generation after Generation, we have honoured this beautiful figure in our lives who is the epitome of endless care, love and support (all of which are values that are synonymous to our brand).

In the honor of the man who never gets tired of giving his best effort just to see a smile on our face. Thank you for being our only cheerleader when we quivered in stage fright. Thank you for being our shoulder to cry on when the days got tough. Thank you for sharing our happiness when we bought our first car. Most of all, thank you Dads for believing in us more than we ever did in ourselves.

This father’s day Master MoltyFoam presents to you a heart-felt letter to commemorate the superhero in our lives- our dearest" Papa Jani! "

Dear Papa Jani,

'We know at some point you may have felt that your effort goes unappreciated, you may have felt you are not acknowledged as much as you deserve, you might think that you are not praised enough for your contributions in our lives but Papa Jani you ought to know everything you did for us is engraved in our hearts. We remember all but more.

Every ‘shahbash’ of yours made us braver, every little celebration you made for our achievements multiplied our confidence, every kiss on the forehead made us feel safe, every drive to the school made us feel special and every time you proudly introduced us as your family, we felt like the most loved.

Papa Jani, you didn’t tell us what type of life we should lead, you didn’t tell us how to dress up, you didn’t tell us which career we should choose, but what you did was instill your confidence in us and empowered us to make these decisions for ourselves. And now unintentionally we try to replicate your actions. Guess we have gained inspiration from your calm, honest, courageous, and dedicated self.

Papa Jani, we know that we are not even the fraction of awesome as you are, but we wish and strive to replicate your seemingly effortless yet effortful dedication for unconditional love and your devotion to make your family capable enough to reach the skies. You give us courage and inculcate your strength in us with the bravest actions.

We know a simple thank you doesn’t suffice to what you have done for us. No words can describe how thankful we are to God. Papa Jani, thank you for your unconditional love and rock solid support. We hope we prove to be a source of comfort, pride, and happiness for you. Happy Father’s day! '

- With lots of love


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