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OOctober has arrived! As the climates show a swift change, fall foliage emerges, the air starting to get cold and different shades of pink start appearing, we observe an unavoidable pink this month signifying the importance of breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer is a growing concern in Pakistan requiring the right guidance and education to minimize its chances in the early stages. For years, even after observing unusual symptoms around the breasts, discussing them were considered tabooed, but not anymore. Brands have taken the responsibility to create awareness and educate people on how it can be controlled and kept in check using simple techniques.

Pakistan having the highest number of breast cancer cases in Asia, require every one of us to be cautious of this life-threatening disease. This Pinktober Master MoltyFoam wants you to make yourself a priority and self-examine yourself at home every now and then. Here are a few simple tips you can use to keep breast cancer symptoms in check at all times:

Swelling on breasts or under the arms:

The most common breast cancer symptoms include swelling in the underarms and breasts. Certainly, these obvious symptoms mostly don’t go unnoticed. But how can we monitor even the slightest of abnormality. Stand in front of the mirror and observe the breasts for any irregularity. See if the breasts are usual in size, shape, and color and don’t show any significant change for no apparent reason. If you observe any sort of soreness, rash, swelling, lump, or unusual change consult doctor immediately.

Keep an eye out for breast discharges:


Often ignored breast fluids are clear indicators of cancerous cysts in breasts. Look for any signs of fluid coming out of one or both the mamilla while performing a regular checkup for your overall well-being.

Observe your breasts while lying down:

Most of the time, cancerous cysts are painless and don’t show any symptoms until they become serious. It is recommended by doctors to check the breasts before and after the monthly cycle. Examine the breasts with finger pads; keeping the fingers flat and together. Cover the entire breast from top to bottom, side to side, and from armpit to cleavage. Follow a certain pattern to be sure that you cover the whole breasts. Upon finding any anomaly, lump, or cyst around the breasts consult the doctor immediately.

In the end, we would suggest you to never be hesitant in talking about your condition with your friends, family, and doctor. Do not ignore any sign because you think of it insignificant, you never know it might turn into something serious. Be your own savior, observe the physical and emotional changes you encounter closely, talk them out, research about them, and most importantly see a professional and get an expert opinion.


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