Experience the Luxury of Sleeping in a 5 -Star Hotel Suite at the Comfort of your own Home!

They say there is no comfort like home, but have you ever felt that you experienced better sleep in that five-star hotel compared to your home? Yes, we can totally feel you. It's true that home’s comfort is irreplaceable, having a relaxed environment of your own where you can sit, stand and do things the way you like, but we can also not deny the fact that luxury hotel suites comfort cannot be felt at home. Well, not anymore. The bearer of innovation in the comfort industry, Master Celeste introduced another luxurious mattress into their magnificent range, “Hotel Grandiose”. The unique hybrid surface of the mattress depicts the same grandiosity as that of the name.

Now come home to the magnificence of Hotel Grandiose, sink your worries into its deep layered mattress. You must be thinking about what makes Hotel Grandiose the most luxurious and comfortable mattress of Pakistan. Let’s discuss:/p>

Matchless Artisanship and Modern Engineering:

Years of research, practice, experimentation, and remarkable craftsmanship enabled Master Celeste to gain excellence in creating the finest resting solutions that ensure the comfortability of superior standards. While manufacturing the most luxurious mattress of Pakistan, we at Master Celeste invested a great deal of effort to form the most magnificent sleeping surface that makes individuals forget their worries and just rest.

Mattress Majesty - Structured to Live Well With:


Handcrafted tiers of multiple top-notch foams along with the sheets of king and micro pocketed makes a mattress majesty called Hotel Grandiose that bestow maximum pressure relief, unsurpassed comfort, and extraordinary support.

Hotel Grandiose comprise of thick layers of quality memory foam that conforms to the body curves; however, high-density foam adds resilience to the mattress. Layers of top-notch latex also contribute to the optimal body conformity. The homogenous cell structure of latex memory foam and high-density foam layers in harmony with the compact king and micro coils follow the natural curves of the body while supporting them for better posture and restful sleep. The amazing thing about hotel grandiose is it doesn’t let motion transfer from one end to the other and provides a perfect sleeping experience to both the sleepers. Euro Top on top of multiple foam layers adds a cherry on the top. Extra padding delivers soft support and adds to the malleability of the mattress.

What Makes Hotel Grandiose so Special?

  • Resilient king-sized coil
  • Compact Micro coils
  • Superior quality conforming memory foam
  • Layers of premium latex foam
  • High-density Foam Layers
  • Plush Euro Top
  • Soft Support
  • Luxurious High Loft Tencel Fabric
  • Exceptional Engineering
  • Treated with Master Fresh Guard Technology

Luxurious Fabric that Elevates the Aura:

The luxurious layer and advanced engineering mechanism of Hotel Grandiose are neatly wrapped in a High Loft Tencel fabric. The fabric not just enhances the malleability of the mattress but also provides a great surface for your sheets to stay in place for long.

Hotel Grandiose by Master Celeste is Pakistan’s one-of-a-kind mattress that surpasses the luxury standards even of the magnificent international mattresses. Test the claim for yourself. We bet you’ll instantly fall in awe of it.


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