5 things that can mess up your sleep!

We all agree with the fact that even a single bad night's sleep can ruin our energy and mood for the following day. Certain patterns of poor sleep can take a great toll on our health and life. Very often we do feel bouts of restlessness at night and could use a few simple tips to sleep better. Minor adjustments in routine can prove to be your ticket to enjoy a good dreamy night’s sleep.

Here are common causes of sleep deprivation:

Consuming too much caffeine:

Where a warm cup of coffee or tea pick up our energy sags and enable us to hit the day with zeal. However, consuming too much caffeine or taking it before bed can disturb the sleep cycle and bothers the sleep quality. To enjoy the quality and healing sleep avoid caffeinated beverages after 3 PM. And FYI, cold drinks also contain a substantial amount of caffeine. If you crave to indulge yourself in some coffee after dinner, then there are several decaffeinated coffees available in the market. Herbal teas can also be an absolute delight. Chamomile, lavender and lemongrass tea relax you up and also help you fall asleep better.


We all do take supplements every day. Certain medications and supplements like Vitamin B, Steroids, etc. cause sleep disruption, of course, many do have a sleep-inducing effect. If you’re taking any medication then check with your physician or dietician to find the right time for its use.

Smoking before going to bed:

Smoking before bed can be injurious to health. Know that nicotine is a stimulant. You’re likely to encounter sleeping issues if you consume nicotine before bed. With time, the stimulating properties of nicotine disturb the smoker’s sleeping pattern making him/her more prone to insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Being too warm:

Being too warm or cozy at night can also be asleep disturber. Many people snuggle with layers of sheets or surround themselves with pillows and blankets; body heat absorbed by foam and pillows can wake you up from sound sleep slumber making you fidgety for the rest of the night. To deal with such a situation you can get yourself Master MoltyFoam’s CoolGel Mattress. The cooling gel keeps the temperature moderate by absorbing the heat however the knitted fabric supports the cool gel mechanism through air regulation.

Charging electronics in your room:

We all must have encountered several articles online depicting how smartphones and gadgets have destroyed our sleeping and eating habits. Well, all of them are true for sure. Using smartphones before bed can certainly fend off your sleeping clock. But you should also be familiar with the fact that charging electronic devices in your room can also be a health destroyer and sleep disrupter. Charging devices can interrupt your cardiac rhythm and biological clock making you susceptible to heart and sleeping diseases.


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