5 Things that Make MoltyFoam the Best Mattress Manufacturer!

It hasn’t been long since Master MoltyFoam pioneered the concept of foam mattresses in Pakistan. Since 1963, Master MoltyFoam has been innovating sleeping solutions to deliver relaxing sleeping surfaces. Before 1963, in Pakistan mattresses were a luxury for just the elites that may import it from European countries; but MoltyFoam made comfortable supportive mattresses available for all. We just did not revolutionize sleeping solutions in Pakistan but also strived to gain customer loyalty, a favorable business reputation, and client satisfaction through the continuous provision of top-notch, innovative, and quality products. Here are five prominent reasons that make Master MoltyFoam the best quality mattress manufacturer of Pakistan:

Advanced Manufacturing units:

At Master MoltyFoam we believe the fact that the utilization of smart technology lets you achieve excellence with productivity and efficiency. Master MoltyFoam has set its manufacturing facilities with advanced technologies to maximize efficacy, improve quality, and minimize downtime to boost production. We have always been advocating modern technology for amplifying and systemizing the processes.


Innovation has been our strongest pursuit since inception. From simple mattresses to conceptualized mattresses; all our product is developed with an innovative and problem-solving approach. From pocketed coil springs to shipping an entire mattress in a box, from hybrid foam technology to cooling mattresses, from wellness expert service to sleep counseling Master MoltyFoam always pushed innovation through each of its product and services to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Unique medical solutions:

Thorough research about sleep states, sleeping disorders and other ailments that can be treated with specialized sleeping solutions Master MoltyFoam presented the solution to all of them. Master MoltyFoam launched Pakistan’s first-ever orthopedic range of mattresses that provides a solution to backaches, joint aches, and other spinal issues. These unique medical solutions approved by the American Orthopedic Association offer the comfort of international standards and help in enjoying quality sleep. Master MoltyFoam also launched Pakistan’s first inclined bed therapy mattress called MoltyCure. A one-of-a-kind inclined bed therapy mattress that provides relief from sleep apnea, acid reflux, heart congestion, and other such diseases and helps the sufferer enjoy a healthy slumber.

Ultimate Protection:

To prevent products from developing health hazardous material, Master MoltyFoam has developed a protection mechanism named Master Fresh Guard Technology. Each product is treated with antimicrobial processes to restrict the development of mites, fungi, and bacteria, etc. thus providing your mattress, pillows, and other items a long healthy life.

Promise of Guarantee:

Master MoltyFoam stands firm with its guarantee promises. We take responsibility for each of our products and offer one-of-a-kind customer services with our exceptionally wide network to accommodate our customers at all times.

Customer satisfaction focused efforts, problem-solving technologies, and innovative methods make us Pakistan’s best mattress manufacturing company that we are today. Visit here to see our exceptional products for yourself!


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