5 Tips to Help Kids Sleep During COVID-19 Breakout!

As we have been working together to defeat COVID-19 at its core, normal routines like going to school, extra-curricular activities, sports are kept on hold for safety. Certainly, when children’s routines are disturbed, maintaining their sleep schedule becomes all the more difficult.

Similarly, like adults, children also thrive on a structured routine. Predictability of the routine makes them in control of their activities and keeps them aligned with the set schedule. However, the unpredictability that has penetrated into our lives with the arrival of COVID-19, has disturbed not only the routine of adults but also of the children and created an unpredictable environment around us. Whereas parents are trying their best to simply define this pandemic to the children, but this whole situation has become a little too much to digest for them.

So, in this tough situation here are a few handy tips you can utilize to help your kids sleep better:

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Create a school like schedule for the children:

Create a school like schedule for children and align your own day’s tasks according to them. Aligning your tasks according to your children's schedule will help to follow it religiously. Sit your family down and make a realistic schedule for yourself that can be easily followed.

Set a consistent bed and wake up time for your family:

We know its tempting to stay up late-night watching movies and having desserts on the couch. Setting a particular wakeup and bedtime for your family helps you keep a healthy schedule that supports the immune system and keeps you safe during these difficult times. Remember the fact that a well-rested child learns efficiently and pays better attention.

Set break time:

Do not nap whenever you want rather set particular break times for yourself and children. Do not let your efforts in setting a schedule go in vain because of the untimely sleep, snacking, and lunch breaks. Set breaks for the children thoughtfully so that it doesn’t disturb their sleep.

Plan a fun activity every week:

We know quarantine and this whole lockdown situation can get really tough. Especially for children who are habitual of playing outside and have several plans for their summer break. Plan a fun activity for the children over every weekend to keep your kids entertained over the quarantine.

Take good care of the hygiene:

House hygiene plays a great part in enjoying healthy sleep during the quarantine. Sanitize your mattresses and pillows once a month, keep the bedsheets clean, sanitize every corner of the house at least once a week to keep a clean hygienic environment in the house.

Hope these small yet effective tips help your kids enjoy a healthy sleep during the lockdown. May all this situation end soon so that our kids can resume their normal lives.


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