5 Tips to sleep well for a better Ramadan!

Ramadan with itself brings plenty of uplifting experiences. From seeking the blessings of God by meeting the challenges of fasting to the joys of great feasts at Suhoor and Aftar with friends and family, the increased sense of spirituality and the moral highs during this month keep us all fueled up with zeal. Out of the grace of God, we find the strength to cut our sleep, food, and other needs to please God. Well, there are several ways you can save yourself from sleep deprivation this Ramadan. Sleep has a direct effect on our renaissance and recharges our body to hit the coming day with zeal. Let us share a few Ramadan sleeping tips that will surely enable you to manage your time smartly and will let you enjoy sound sleep slumber.

Surely, our sleeping habits in Ramadan adjust themselves and help us reach a certain spiritual and physiological level where one sleeps less and worships more. Like Fasting, sleeplessness is another tool, a seeker has to adapt to purify and refine his/her soul. However, it certainly doesn’t mean that we completely ignore our health because God only helps those who help themselves.

Get yourself a consolidated block of sleep:

Do ‘Wudu’ Before Sleeping and indulge yourself ‘zikr’:

Prophet Muhammad SAW advised us to perform ablution before sleeping. It’s not just a religious practice but also help us sleep better. Science has proved that sleepiness is directly associated with a drop in body temperature. For the same reason, doctors usually suggest taking a long hot bath before going to bed. To experience a refreshing sleep this Ramadan get in your bed after ablution and indulge yourself in Zikr.

Get ample daylight to fortify your circadian rhythm:

Exposing yourself to sunlight even for a little while in the first half of the day will not only recharge you with Vitamin D but also boost quality sleep.

Avoid gadgets at night:

Decreasing the usage of gadgets and exposure to artificial lights can help in strengthening your circadian rhythm. You might not know that the light emitted by the electronic devices can disturb your sleep cycle. So better keep them at bay this Ramadan, rather read yourself a good book before bed; the practice will help you with quality sleep.

Take a healthy diet:

Snoozing an empty stomach may feel a little disturbing but eating too close to the sleep time also interrupts slumber. So, better not eat just before going to bed, rather have a warm glass of milk. Warm milk contains natural sleep inducer named tryptophan that allows you to enjoy a great catnap.

Sleep in the right position:

Sleeping on the right side helps with heart congestion, GERD, acid reflux and several other diseases that don’t let you enjoy a revitalizing sleep. A suitable sleeping position such as supine or sleeping on the right side allows your to brainwash itself with cerebral fluid making you sleep better and wake up refreshed.

Hope these simple tips will help you big time this Ramadan in managing your energy and sleep.


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