5 Ways your Pillow is Affecting your Health!

After a long hectic day, all we crave for is our pillow and cozy bed. But they say things you love hurt you the most. It’s possible for all of us to enjoy a sound sleep but wakeup with a constant ache in the neck or shoulder. Ever wondered what’s wrong? Even we are don’t have any clue in the world while sleeping, yet we experience the worst of pain in the neck. Well, let us tell you, friends. It's because of the poor sleeping solutions. Neck pain is mainly associated with a non-conforming, flat, and poor-quality pillow. Let us discuss 5 ways our pillows are affecting our health without us knowing:

Skin Allergies:

Yes, skin allergies are directly associated with pillows. Since sleep rejuvenates our body from the inside, refreshes the organs, and sheds off dead skin and oil to secrete impurities out. All of the skin shedding, hair, and skin oil is endured by our pillows. According to the dermatologists, one should change his/her pillow every 8 months to stay away from allergies, pimples, hair fall, pigmentation, and other skin problems.

Breathing issues:

Snoring and Sleep Apnea are common side effects of a bad pillow. Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing gets stuck periodically while sleeping. Such patients use CPAC to keep the airways open for smooth breathing. However, a bad pillow hinders the performance of CPAC machines and makes breathing difficult for the sufferers.

Sleep Deprivation:

According to experts, emotional and physical health problems are prominent factors of sleep deprivation. A common stressor contributing to sleep deprivation are uncomfortable sleeping solutions. Uncomfortable resting solutions along with emotional and physical disorders make sleeping nearly impossible. Sleep deprivation can lead to heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, and other serious health problems.

Constant aches:

Poor resting solutions have the potential to give you chronic aches that keeps you in agony all day long. With uncomfortable sleeping solutions, no amount of sleep can make you feel fresh and active. These constant aches can gain severity if not prevented at the early stages. Master Celeste introduced an orthopedic range approved by the American orthopedic association that is bound to deliver comfortability and optimum support; also help you get rid of chronic aches.

Endocrine System:

Hormone development is highly dependent on sleep. Testosterone products require at least 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep, which makes about the time of the first episode of REM sleep. Waking through the night can disturb hormone production. This sleep interruption can cause growth problems, especially among children and adolescents.

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