How Sleep Affects your Immunity!

Sleep plays a vital role when it comes to your health and overall well-being. Disrupted sleep or disturbed sleep schedule can have a perverse effect on immunity making the human body prone to diseases, viruses, and infections. While sleeping more and without any schedule can make you lethargic and depressed. A sleeping routine can help boost immunity and prevent you from several illnesses. Here are a few things you should know to make your immunity strong and keep yourself safe from infectious diseases:

Better cytokine production:

Cytokines are secreted by immune system cells that keep the immunity regulated. Cytokines are produced during sleep. Sufficient sleep helps the production of cytokines to prevent the body from infection, inflammation, and other diseases. You might not know that chronic sleep loss not only reduces the production of cytokines but also reduces the effectiveness of flu vaccines by reducing your body’s ability to respond.

Do not take frequent naps:

Taking frequent naps throughout the day can disrupt your sleeping schedule. In order to stay healthy, especially during these critical times, it is highly recommended to sleep eight hours a night. Doing so will keep your immune system active and recharged to fight against ailments.

Get yourself a comfortable sleeping surface:

Yes, an uncomfortable sleeping surface is the most prominent factor contributing to sleeplessness and restlessness. If you’re having any trouble with sleep and are experiencing chronic pains then consider changing your mattress.Master Celeste offers a wide range of conforming mattresses that provides support to each body contour.

T-cell production:

T-cells play a great role in strengthening the immune system. Researchers compared T-cells of people observing a healthy sleeping schedule versus people that stay awake all night. The results clearly indicated that individuals that had ample sleep at night have better immunity and production rate of T-cells compared to the night owls. T-cells help in destroying the pathogens that enter your body making your immune system strong.

Many of us don’t think that sleep plays a direct part in the well-being of our health. But it does. We hope the above information helped make you understand how sleep contributes towards your mental and physical well-being. Healthy sleep and a good laugh can help you cure a great many diseases. If you are experiencing restlessness or sleeplessness consult a doctor and change your sleeping surface. Most of the sleep restlessness is mainly because of uncomfortable sleeping surfaces.

Comment below if you need guidance regarding sleeping solutions or have any queries. Stay healthy!


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