How to Stay Well-rested during ramadan

Sleep is vital to our health and well-being, and not having enough of it can have significant repercussions. Ramadan – a time of the year when social events and prayers keep people awake at night, is also the time when most people experience sleep disruption.

The importance of good quality sleep, food, and drink for the human body cannot be overstated. What we put into our bodies has an impact on us. Negligence towards any of these things makes you feel exhausted, depressed, and cringy. Sleep deficiency affects hormones controlling appetite which in turn makes fasting all the more difficult.

Here are a few tips you can use to stay well-rested and active during Ramadan:

Take Ample Sleep:

Normally, most people sleep for seven to eight hours straight during the night, but this is not possible during Ramadan. When convenient, try to make up for missed overnight sleep.

Make a schedule for yourself before Ramadan that works for your routine and which you can follow as closely as possible. You'll likely have to go to bed earlier than normal. For example, after iftar, try to go to bed by 11 p.m. and get four hours of sleep, then wake up at 3.30 a.m. for suhoor and fajr, then go back to sleep for two hours at about 5 a.m. If you work for few hours, this sleep schedule can be helpful.

Stay Hydrated:

It might not be possible to drink much water during Ramadan, but we can keep ourselves hydrated by following these tips:

  • As yogurt has a high water level, do take it in suhoor
  • Take fresh juice, milk, or some smoothie in Aftar
  • Start the meals with soups, stew, and broths
  • Eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible

Power Naps:

It becomes difficult to keep your energy level maintained while fasting. However, a few power naps will keep you invigorated around the clock. Schedule your routine strategically to give yourself some time for napping. Take a 20-minute nap somewhere quiet away from your workstation, such as your home. Set an alarm to ensure you don't sleep too much. During this daytime nap, try not to sleep for more than 20 -15 minutes because your body will go into a deep sleep and you will wake up exhausted and lethargic.

The above discussed three simple tips will prove to be highly effective to stay well-rested during Ramadan.


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