Little-known Tips to Beat Sciatica!

Sciatica is a common problem caused along the path of the sciatic nerve that branches from the lower back to the foot. It is commonly observed in the elderly and makes restful sleeping a dream. Rejuvenating sleep is the most effective treatment for sciatic pain. However, all sciatic patients can relate to the fact that it is nearly impossible to find the most suitable sleeping position that can numb the pain and deliver a refreshing sleeping experience. Well, lucky for you in collaboration with orthopedic doctors and physicians we have gathered five tips that can help you beat sciatic pain and let you sleep restfully:

Sleep on your side with a pillow:

Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs can reduce the pressure on your lower back and help provide you relief from pain.

How to follow this technique effectively?

To gain maximum benefit out of this technique, lie on your side with your knees slightly bent, place a pillow between your thighs. Doing so you will instantly feel relaxed and relieved from pain.

Try a medium-firm mattress:

Many people will tell you to try a firm surface to find relief from back and joint aches. Well, its really not true. Sleeping on a firm surface that doesn’t conform to the body curves actually increases the pain. Sciatic pain sufferer should certainly opt for a medium soft surface that conforms to the natural curvature of the body and provides support with the body movement. We would suggest you try Celeste Eterna Firm, Memory, and Memory Luxe. If you prefer a firm surface which doesn’t let you sink rather supports each of your sleep movement then Eterna Firm is the right choice for you. However, if you want a medium surface that offers a plush feel, shape itself up according to the contours of the body, and provides zonal support with resilient pocketed springs then Celeste Memory and Memory Luxe are the suitable fit for you. Changing your sleeping solution can help you big time with sciatic pain and

provide the most comfortable surface for patients with joint aches and sciatica pain. It combines the features of Molty Memory foam and MoltyOrtho to deliver a suitable surface that helps with orthopedic issues effectively. Its adjustable yet supportive mattress helps with spine alignment, lifts pressure off the bones, and provides support to different zones of the body.

Icepack or heating pad:

An ice pack or heating pad can also help with sciatic pain. It helps in numbing the pain. Ice helps with inflammation whereas heat increases the blood flow to the affected area. Another technique widely used to minimize pain is the use of heat and cold therapies at the same time. Yes, it may sound weird but it has proven to be quite effective from sciatic pain. Firstly, put on an ice pack for about 15 minutes and then put on the heat pad for 15 minutes. Repeat this process at least 2 times a day to observe a significant relief from sciatic pain.

Improve your posture:

We may not realize but half of our backaches and joint problems are directly associated with our posture. Keep your spine alignment straight and try to maintain it throughout the day. Even if you can't do it, remind yourself of refreshing the posture after every few intervals to keep the back, neck, and shoulder aches at bay.

Stretching and exercising:

Stretching and exercising can help you big time with not just sciatica but with other muscle and joint problems. Many may think that its silly to exercise in pain. But most of the time especially with muscles and joint aches it is essential to exercise. Exercise should really not be a painful process of totally exerting yourself. It can be light to just give a little stretch to the muscles and help them in moving. Exercise triggers the release of endorphins that helps with pain relief and keeps a person happy.

We hope these small yet effective tips will prove to be effective for sciatic pain. Leave your feedback and queries in the comment section below.


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