Master MoltyFoam Launches Pakistan’s First-Ever Posture Correction App!

Technology where on one hand has paced up our lives and amplified connectivity, on the other hand, it is rigorously affecting our personal lives and health. Excessive use of technology has several negative repercussions on our physical health causing vision problems, hearing loss, neck strain, and spine issues.

Almost every other person is experiencing chronic pain rushing down their neck, through arms to phalanges after protracted use of mobile or any other wireless device. Usually, we tend to avoid this bearable pain until it gains a severity. This constant pain was coined as Text Neck by a US Chiropractor named Dr. Dean L. Fishman. Text Neck syndrome has become a serious concern among children and teenagers. You must be wondering, from where did the Text Neck syndrome come and why is it becoming a serious concern among our younger and growing generation?

Why Text Neck Syndrome has become a serious concern among children and teenagers?

According to research, mobile users are expected to exceed the mark of 5 billion in 2020. This massive surge in the mobile market can certainly be attributed to the increased availability of smartphones. The Groupe Speciale Mobile Association’s 2018 research stated, around 68% of the world population had access to mobile phones and put forward a prediction claiming 75% of the world’s population will possess mobile phones till 2020. This growing smartphone phobia gave birth to the Text Neck syndrome in which a mobile phone or other wireless technology users can experience severe pain in the neck.

How smartphones and other such wireless devices cause text neck syndrome?

Why does it happen? Well, our head weighs around 10 pounds on our spine in a normal position. However, at wrong posture or craning our neck forward while texting, gaming or using the smart device can make our head weigh up to 60 pounds on spine, cervical ligaments and other muscles. This overweighing causes chronic spine issues among teenagers generally now known as text neck syndrome.

How did Master MoltyFoam come up with the idea of Neckup by MoltyOrtho?

The growing tension of text neck syndrome motivated us at Master MoltyFoam to take precautionary actions and make an attempt to obviate this syndrome from its root. After a well-received billbed campaign (for which Master MoltyFoam win Bronz Lion at the Cannes Lions) Master MoltyFoam now presents Pakistan’s first-ever posture correction app “Neckup by MoltyOrtho. The app is developed with the collaboration of top orthopedic doctors and chiropractors to put the mobile users in the right posture and save them from a much serious condition then Text Neck syndrome that is Kyphosis.

What does Neckup by MoltyOrtho offer?

  • Neckup by MoltyOrtho allows you to set two different profiles. One for children and one for personal use. The child profile allows you to set up a key, making parent’s in control of their kids’ activity. Whenever their children use the mobile phone in a wrong posture the app will show a pop-up leaving the child with no choice but to get it opened from the parents. This particular key feature is especially integrated to make the children conscious about their posture. However, in self-mode Neckup by MoltyOrtho will continue to intimate the user about his/her wrong posture after every one minute.
  • Neckup by MoltyOrtho also contains an exclusive tab for the coaching program. This particular tab will keep you updated with tricks and tactics to lead a healthy life.
  • The Neckup also contains a shop feature. If you are suffering from back pain, restless leg syndrome, acid reflux and other such issues you might want to check Master MoltyFoam products, MoltyOrtho range, and other accessories to set a comfortable environment around the house. You’ll find a range of best ortho mattress there.

Master MoltyFoam being the pioneer of the foam industry is trying its best to provide Pakistani citizens with a luxurious and comfortable living experience of international standards. We develop our products in collaboration with medical and manufacturing experts to provide innovative yet comfortable and cost-effective products. Now you can also exploit the potential of Neckup by MoltyOrtho to develop a healthy lifestyle free of any cost. The app is available on both iOS and Play Store for free. Download it right away for a straight posture.


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