Master MoltyFoam and KDA Join Hands to Help Preserve the Environment in The Northern Areas

The Kaghan Valley is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The 155-kilometer-long valley is enveloped by the Lower Himalayan mountain range, resulting in an alpine climate and the prevalence of pine forests and alpine meadows. Alongside the flow of the Kunhar River, the valley features glaciers, crystal-like clear lakes, waterfalls, and frosty mountain streams.

The Kaghan valley is famous for its scenic beauty and landscapes, resulting in its popularity as a resort amongst locals and tourists alike. But, the unnecessary use of plastic is tarnishing the beauty of this stunning piece of land. As per the facts, around 55% of carbon footprint and landfill pollution is caused by plastic waste in the northern region of Pakistan. This is an alarming situation that is concerning beyond the limit. It is damaging the ecosystem and overall charm of the area.

To lend a hand in putting the much-needed halt to this, Master MoltyFoam has joined hands with Kaghan Development Authority. Together they are working to make the dream of green Pakistan a reality. Master Moltyfoam is playing a huge part by donating more than a hundred thousand biodegradable shopping bags to reduce the use of plastic in the area.

Intending to reduce plastic waste and restore beauty, Master MoltyFoam and Kaghan Development Authority have joined hands to work towards the sustainability of the region. MoltyFoam aims to restore the beauty of this place and assist Kaghan Development Authority in the development of the valley. They want to promote the concept of reusing your own bag and refusing unnecessary plastic.

Additionally, they have installed bill beds in areas such as Lullusar, Naran, Jhalkad, with the goal to promote tourism by facilitating the government and creating spaces where tourists and locals can rest comfortably.

This initiative is being widely applauded by the natives as well as renowned figures all over the country and beyond. Representatives of Kaghan Development Authority feel that such an initiative was much needed considering the concerning situation of the pollution in the area.

As per Mr. Asad Shehzad, the Assistant Director of Planning (KDA),

“KDA’s working for the sustainable development of this area. There are tourists that are coming in thousand per day. They have no place to relax or sit. So, this MoltyFoam initiative of installing the benches is really boosting our sustainable development objective.”

The concept of clean and green Pakistan has been introduced by Prime Minister Imran Khan and Master MoltyFoam has shown support by introducing bio-degradable bags.

Choose to refuse plastic with Master MoltyFoam!


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