Master MoltyFoam WhatsApp Assistance Services - Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience

Are you someone who is never ready to step out of the home for shopping? Do you fall in the category of people who hate shopping or just don’t have enough time for it? Worry no more as we, at Master MoltyFoam have got the perfect way out for you! With our recently introduced service we aim to make your mattress shopping a lot easier. Haven’t heard of it yet? Read on.

With this service, now you can easily place your order, book an appointment with our product experts, find out about the nearest dealer’s shop, track your order and complaints’ status, and much more, that too, within seconds. Everything is now at your fingertips. Quick, Smart and Easy, WhatsApp Assistance Service is your ultimate guide!

How to Use it?

Simply type “Hi” and WhatsApp it to 031111-MOLTY. You will automatically be guided further.

Next up, please choose your desired option from the menu below.

  • Press 1️ for New Online Order
  • Press 2️ for Order Tracking
  • Press 3️ for Booking an Appointment – Product Expert
  • Press 4️ for Complaint & Status
  • Press 5️ for Nearest Dealer Shop
  • Press 6️ for Mattress Cleaning Service
  • Press 7️ for Chat with Customer Service Officer

Everything will be done in just a couple of seconds. Sounds too good to be true, right? But, that is exactly what the Molty WhatsApp Assistance has got for you! Master MoltyFoam WhatsApp for Business is everything you need, enclosed in a single service.

WhatsApp “Hi” To 031111-MOLTY and Avail Your Desired Services Within Minutes!


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