MoltyFoam’s Latest Campaign: A Message of Respecting Choices, Love, and Life!

The contours of women empowerment are helping in bringing sensitive issues such as “remarriage of a mother” in limelight. MoltyFoam’s new campaign featuring Mahira khan and Marina khan very carefully touched this topic and left the audience with a rush of emotions and love.

A mother whether divorced or a widow due to some unfortunate life event has to endure a myriad of hardships and societal derisions to choose something for her own life. In the Pakistani community, a mother is considered somewhat of a super creature who doesn’t have any needs, likes, and dislikes of her own and is obliged to sacrifice herself for the wellbeing of her kids, her husband, her parents, her siblings, her in-laws; in short for every relationship which is associated with her in one way or another. Motherhood embeded in the nature of the woman makes her unconditionally sacrifice her needs for her loved ones. But ask yourself, is it fair to suffocate her wants and needs with the burden of every relationship’s emotional needs?

This campaign is an appreciation for all the mothers out there that are selflessly giving their all for the betterment of their kids and other loved ones. Women empowerment has always been a priority of MoltyFoam’s cooperate social responsibility. We are constantly working to come up with thoughtful ideas that addresses social taboo, create awareness, and make the audience ponder. It’s a basic right of a mother too to live a life of her own, to embrace happiness, and to make her own choice. This campaign with its powerful message is certainly redefining the status of advertising in Pakistan that previously was focused on female idealization rather than empowerment. Hope more of the brands jump on this bandwagon and play their part in building a healthy progressive society.


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