Pregnancy and Lack of Sleep – What Are the Risks?

Pregnancy is a unique and exhilarating experience. It is a period of enormous changes inside the body, and expecting mothers frequently aim to make healthier choices in order to offer the baby the best opportunity for proper growth and development. There could be dietary modifications, but sleep is unavoidably taken into account. The quantity of sleep you receive while you are pregnant impacts, not just you and your baby, but it may also affect your labor and birthing experience. Sleep deprivation throughout pregnancy has also been linked to a variety of problems, particularly preeclampsia which is a quite serious condition that impacts your blood pressure or even your kidneys. This disorder may lead to early birth.

“Sleep should never be seen as a luxury. It’s a necessity — especially when you’re pregnant.”

Poor sleep may have a negative influence on health, and it is especially dangerous for expectant mothers since it can contribute to prenatal problems including hypertension as well as gestational diabetes. Throughout pregnancy, back pain and muscle aches grow and increase, particularly in the second to the third trimester of pregnancy. Additionally, sleep apnea is believed to impact 10% of pregnant women, and this interruption of breathing during sleep can have significant implications, including:

  • Hypertension
  • Preeclampsia
  • Diabetes during pregnancy
  • Hypertension of the lungs

A consistent stream of nutrients, especially oxygen, is required for the developing baby. Whenever sleep is interrupted, particularly while blood supply to the placenta is impaired, serious repercussions might occur. Inadequate total sleep, as well as disruption of deep slumber, may limit the number of growth hormones produced, resulting in developmental as well as growth issues in the unborn child. It is generally recognized that even modest drops in the mother's oxygen levels might harm the fetus. When the mother's blood oxygen levels drop, the fetus reacts with heart rhythm decelerations or acidosis. Throughout sleep, blood circulation to the fetus is at its greatest, and oxygen levels decline as a result of sleep apnea or interruptions during sleep. Backache is also quite common during pregnancy because of many evident reasons. All of these issues necessitate an effective solution.

Mom Cozy by Master Celeste

Master Celeste’s Mom Cozy is the perfect solution to relieve all these sleep-related issues. We have designed this pillow to provide increased relief and support to the expectant mothers as well as the baby. It helps maintain a safe posture for the baby by supporting overstretched muscles and relieves pains and aches. It will relieve the expectant mothers of heartburn and acidity as well.

We have taken each and every minute aspect into account to ensure that you, the mom-to-be, sleep well and stay well rested. Have a safe and healthy pregnancy!


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