Quality Sleep - A New Wellness Trend of Modern Times

For years, wellness lifestyles were perceived as difficult to attain- and even difficult to maintain. But the growing medical health conditions owing to the modern lifestyle made a healthy régime an absolute necessity to lead an active life. Earlier healthcare activities were limited to getting exercise regime straight, meditating for a few minutes, stretching the stress out, and taking supplements to keep oneself energized all the time. But a core and basic fitness element that helps all these previously mentioned activities work their true charm is missing. And that is “Quality Sleep”

Recently, with the COVID-19 outbreak and other changes that are influencing our mental and physical health, the experts are putting great stress on the importance of quality sleep. Sleeping early, getting up early, having ample sleep of about 7-8 hours has become a new trend for wellness.

Why people are more inclined towards getting ample and better sleep?

Given the conditions and evolving trends, experts predicted the fact that sleep is going to be the biggest trend of 2020. Global Sleep study forwarded a study indicating that people across the world see sleep as an important factor for overall wellness and health. Out of 100%, 60% of the surveyed people wanted to attain a relaxing sleep. Since the advent of COVID-19, a renewed interest in investing in sleep has been observed. Pinterest’s Pinshight stats report depicts the growing indulgence of people in improving their bedroom environment and making them the ultimate sleep sanctuary.

How to create a perfect sleep sanctuary?

The growing trend of improving the quality of sleep is motivating people to find themselves quality sleeping solutions. Master Celeste being Pakistan’s finest comfort solutions manufacturer offer a diverse range of luxurious sleeping solutions that ensure comfort with every inch of it.

A perfect sleep sanctuary is dependent on two main things, a comfortable bed that absorbs all your stress and a peaceful environment that relaxes your brain. A bed can only be comfortable with a conforming mattress that caters to the different sleeping needs of a sleeper. This is why Master Celeste devised a whole range of 2in1 mattresses that offer two different levels of comfort. Say goodbye to restless sleep and pick your favorite from Master Celeste 2in1 mattress range.

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An increasing trend in finding perfect sleep solutions:

With the growing restlessness, anxiety, and other sleep problems people are getting conscious about their sleeping environment. Transforming the milieu, getting a supportive mattress, having conforming sleeping accessories not only adds to the comfortability of the bedroom but emanates tranquility for mind and soul rejuvenation. Cultivating better sleeping habits is a healthy trend that is motivating people for wellness.


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