Supine Position- Benefits of Sleeping on your back!

If you are a rare breed that sleeps on his/her back then you can proudly call yourself a unicorn. According to the research, sleep experts have deduced, only 8% of people sleep on their backs. Supine Position in layman’s language ‘sleeping on the back’ is considered to be quite beneficial for great many reasons.

Pediatricians recommend the parents to make their children sleep on their backs. There are several reasons to it however a prominent one is- medical studies have proven the fact that back sleeping can immensely reduce the risks of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This advice is usually provided for children below 12 months. Adults are also advised to sleep on their backs to remain safe from several health issues. So, here are four benefits of supine position one should certainly be aware of:

Neck and back’s optimum alignment:

We all often wake up with a stiff neck, restless head, and pain in the spine. It usually happens because of uncomfortable bedding and bad sleeping postures. In a few cases, people who endured back, neck or head injuries also experience these pains. Besides getting yourself medically approved bedding solutions, the doctor also suggests such patients to sleep on their back. Sleeping on their back on a comfortable supportive mattress and pillow allows them to keep these aches at bay. Master Celeste’s Ultra Ortho offers optimum support to the lumbar region and other body parts to provide you a luxurious sleeping experience.

Reduces Muscle tension:

Sleeping on your back or supine position usually soothes down the muscle tension between the neck, shoulder and other body parts. Neck and shoulder muscles work all day long and carry the stress for us. By sleeping on the back, shoulder and neck muscles stay aligned on the spine reducing the muscle friction or tension.

Prevents from neck and face wrinkling:

Lying on your back prevents you from wrinkling. When you sleep on your stomach or sides you usually hasten the appearance of fine lines. This wrinkling usually shows up on your neck, under eyes, cheeks, and mouth. You’ll be surprised to know that your dermatologist can tell which side you sleep on by just looking at your face. They can clearly find pronounced sleep lines on your favored sleeping side. Sleeping on your stomach or sides etc. usually breaks down the collagen which promotes earlier wrinkling.

Highly helpful with hip replacement recovery:

People suffering from spine issues or have had hip replacement surgery also known as total hip arthroplasty are suggested to opt for supine sleeping position because it doesn’t let your leg twist in a bad direction reluctantly and reduces the recovery time.


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