Synaptic Pruning: Why does your brain shrink while sleeping?

Yes, you read it right. The process is called synaptic pruning that makes your brain shrink while asleep. But you don’t need to worry; its nothing scary. It’s a natural process, crucial for the memory and learning powers of the brain. Most of this pruning takes place in childhood. This process is your brain’s way of resetting or refreshing itself.

What’s Synapses?

Before indulging in the pruning, we need to understand what prunes. Synapses- are structures in the nervous system that transmit electrical and chemical signals from one neuron to another. Several synapses develop during this process called synaptogenesis. This brain development cycle is crucial for children for life learning, memory strength, and adaptation.

Synaptic Pruning:

Let me easily put synaptic pruning into words; its basically the cleaning of your brain. Think of your brain like an electric outlet, if too many devices are plugged into it, it can burn out. So pruning is unplugging your brain and refreshing it for the coming day. This amazing natural process allows the brain to get efficient and absorb new complex information. The brain sheds weak synapses to make room for new and quality connections that can support complex mental functions and align the neural circuits accordingly.

Why sound sleep and comfortable bedding are important for synaptic pruning?

Well, during the day the synapses strengthen itself when a person goes through the experiences. And when we sleep the brain shrinks to remove the weak synapses that didn’t work as much as others did. Pruning at night is crucial to mental health so that the temporary synapses developed during day time do not swamp or overwhelm the brain. Experiments conducted on mice says that the stronger and big synapses that do not shrink are the most important ones and have the strongest of all memories.

To keep this process efficient, one does require to sleep healthy and sound sleep. Sleeping is highly dependent on comfortable bedding solutions i.e. the mattress and pillow. Pollution and fast-paced lifestyles have made us restless and more prone to sleep diseases. For your body to work properly and perform its natural processes we require comfortable bedding solutions that conform to our body and help fall us asleep better. A wide range of Master MoltyFoam’s mattresses and other accessories provide the bedding solutions of International standards to keep you all healthy and nourished.


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