The Classique Mattress? Is it as good as they say?

Master Celeste offers the best quality mattresses in Pakistan upgrading the sleeping experience of masses. The range has been diversified with innovative products.

Celeste Classique mattress is one of the most loved mattress of the Master Celeste range. This luxury mattress gained popularity among masses because of its exceptionally comfortable feel and pocketed springs resilience. This perfect spring mattress offers an ultimate sleeping experience. Let us discuss how Classique is as good as it is rated by people.

Well here a few factors justifying Classique mattress is as good as people say:

Worry about getting stuck in your mattress? Classique is the solution to it:

If you want to get yourself a soft mattress, but are afraid of the fact that you’ll get stuck in it then Celeste Classique is the perfect choice for you. Multiple layers of inelastic foam in combination with carefully placed resilient pocketed springs, it provides the right support to make your sleep movements all the more fluent. It is a suitable choice for obese individuals. It offers comfort with the support of the compact pocketed springs making your sleeping experience all the more luxurious.

A long-term Investment:

We certainly don’t buy mattresses quite often. It is usually a long-term investment, but is it always a secure investment? With Celeste Classique, we ensure every penny spent on it is worth every bit of it. It is the most practical luxury mattress in Pakistan. It features premium foam and springs allowing you to enjoy sound slumber with the right support by your side.

Perfect for back, side, stomach and combination sleepers:

This multi-layered mattress paired with quality pocketed springs is a suitable fit for every type of sleeper. Why? Well, zoning and layered quality foam together offer the right suppleness required for side, stomach and combination sleepers, however, the smart placement of resilient pocketed spring offers ample support to each body contour making sleep movements seamless. It provides support to your lumbar region and helps in keeping the natural posture straight and aligned.

Air regulation:

The perfect combination of pliability and resistance are packed in the pleasant-looking knitted fabric, treated with antimicrobial properties. The knitted fabric allows air to regulate continuously keeping the mattress temperature-controlled and pleasant. Celeste Classique is approved by the American Orthopedic Association. Master Fresh Guard technology prevents the mattress from bed bugs, mites, bacteria, and fungi, ensuring a healthy sleeping experience.

All in all Celeste Classique is a perfect package of luxury, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. The cost certainly justifies the quality and offers a lifetime of luxury bedding. Buy best mattress online with the guarantee of Master!


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