This wedding season get more than extra with master celeste

Some products are manufactured to deliver a distinctive style and feel that can not be compared with just anything. Same is the case with Master Celeste opulent spring mattresses. The company's exceptional take on innovation and nifty utilization of modern technologies enabled them to produce Pakistan’s finest mattresses that can be compared to the international luxurious mattresses.

Given the fact that we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, it's usually hard to find a perfect mattress that fits one’s changing sleeping needs and provide a good return on investment. To help you make a smart decision about your sleeping solutions, Master Celeste is manufacturing versatile sleeping solutions that deliver the comfort of soft and firm surfaces within one mattress with extreme opulence.

Here are the mattresses you need to check this wedding season before making any final decision:

2in1 Mattresses:

Classique Executive:

Celeste Classique Executive not just stands out because of its extremely luxurious feel but also because of the multifunctionality it has to offer. This fine mattress provides you two comfort options, medium-firm and orthopedic. Celeste Classique Executive is an inimitable package of comfort possessing high-quality pocketed spring and high-density foam that deliver comfort of the medium-firm surface with one side and orthopedic surface with the other. Now you don’t have to buy another mattress for seasonal backaches and joint problems just flip your mattress over and voila!


  • 2in1 mattress: Medium-firm and Ortho
  • Luxury knitted fabric
  • High-quality breathable fabric
  • Supportive reflex foam
  • Treated with Master Fresh Guard Technology
  • American Orthopedic Association approved

Eterna soft:

Eterna Soft is a high-performing mattress that became a staple of opulent and comfort. The magnificent surface is also engineered to provide two levels of comfort, plush, and firm. Eterna Soft has been people’s favorite but this innovation in the mattress has made it an absolute necessity for all. It’s a perfect solution for all those individuals who can’t seem to choose between the plush and firm mattresses, Eterna Soft’s opulent mattress is the solution to all your confusions.


  • 2in1 mattress: Plush and firm surfaces
  • Plush Velour Fabric
  • Resilient pocketed springs for exceptional support
  • Plush pillow top for extra cushioning
  • Deep quilted mattress with HD foam
  • Treated with Master Fresh Guard Technology

Eterna firm:

A brilliant 2in1 mattress that offers specialized orthopedic support with its 2in1 feature and exclusive engineering techniques. Featuring compact pocketed spring in an arrangement with HR HD foam in such a way that it delivers firm support with one side and orthopedic support with the other while ensuring temperature regulation. If you prefer firm support that moderately conforms to the body while supporting the natural spine alignment and body curvatures then Eterna Firm is the best choice for you


  • 2in1 support: Firm and ortho support
  • Resilient Celeste Pocketed Springs
  • Deep quilted mattress with high-density foam
  • Luxury breathable fabric for temperature regulation
  • Orthopedic support on the flip side
  • Treated with Master Fresh Guard Technology

High-end Luxury Mattresses:

Hotel Grandiose:

Hotel Grandiose is Pakistan’s very own luxurious mattress which delivers the comfort and opulence of international standards. The specialized layering of memory foam, high-density foam, and natural latex over resilient micro pocketed springs and king coils. Its superior engineering makes you experience magnificence and luxury with every inch of it. Knitted breathable fabric with an additional euro top that adds to the plushness of the mattress making it an ideal choice for opulence lovers. This superior surface ensures motion cancellation via an individual spring supporting mechanism.


  • Breathable quilted knitted fabric for temperature regulation
  • Layers of memory foam
  • High-density foam and natural latex
  • Additional euro top
  • Micro pocketed coils
  • Resilient king-sized coils
  • Motion cancellation

Ortho Mattresses:

Celeste Ultra Ortho:

Celeste Ultra Ortho is a medicated sleeping surface specially designed to provide relief from spine issues, backaches, and joint problems. The mattress possesses compact Bonnel springs in harmony with HR HD foam which together makes a firm sleeping surface that provides specialized support to the lower back and shoulders.


  • Bonnell springs
  • HD HR foam
  • Firm surface
  • Provides support to lumbar region and shoulders
  • Takes pressure off of the bones
  • Knitted fabric for air regulation

Hope this article would have been of help in spotting the most luxurious mattresses that offer better usability and great value for money with their exceptionally versatile features. This wedding season shop for the best of comfort with just Master Celeste.


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