3 reasons why you should opt for a 2in1 mattress

If you believe a 2in1 mattress is just a simple flippable mattress then you’re wrong, whole new Master Celeste 2in1 range is here to amaze you with its exceptional versatility and high-functionality. Each mattress of the series offers two distinctive comfort levels in one mattress along with the zonal support system and resilient spring pannel. Traditional flippable mattresses require constant flipping now and then to keep the mattress safe from deformation which is not the case with Master Celeste 2in1 range. The resilient structure, compact springs, and quality foam of the mattresses help in keeping the mattress shape intact for long period owing to its exceptional advanced engineering. Now one doesn’t have to punctually turn the mattress for care purposes but only to suit his/her evolving sleep requirements.

Master Celeste came up with the idea of the 2in1 series to solve a very common yet crucial problem that impacts our purchasing decision affects while mattress shopping i.e., choosing between a soft and a firm mattress. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple yes or no solution, a lot of elements play a part. Common misconceptions related to soft mattresses make us more inclined towards firm surfaces, besides our liking towards plush surfaces. Celeste’s 2in1 mattress series presents a solution to this dilemma of choosing between a plush and firm mattress.

Let us discuss how Master Celeste 2in1 mattress range is an efficient solution for couples, siblings, and friends:

Choose the preferred sleeping surface:

High-density foam in different firmness levels is seamlessly entwined that both the flipping sides of the mattress offer distinctive comfort options. This smart manufacturing of the mattress enables couples, siblings, and friends to choose their preferred sleeping surface amicably.

Enhanced longevity:

Experts claim that a flippable mattress lasts longer than a non-flippable mattress. Now and then flipping of the mattress allows the thick padding of the mattress to regain its original shape which in turn contributes to the longevity of the mattress.

Maximized potential:

2in1 mattress technology having a resilient spring panel maximizes the potential and efficiency of the mattress with a better support system. The advanced manufacturing mechanism of the 2in1 mattress range enables motion cancellation while providing distinctive comfort features on each of the flipping sides of the mattress.

If you and your roommate have been arguing about your mattress comfort level, then Master Celeste 2in1 mattress range is your best chance to end it. Explore our new range here and pick the best combination that suits both you and your partner’s sleeping needs!


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