• Celeste Achievers - Shahid Zaidi

    The hallmark of great achievers is to take adversity and turn it into positivity, to take challenges and turn it into triumph. For 50 years, Master through Moltyfoam and Master Celeste have provided better sleep initiatives through technology, science and research, and are committed to remaining the Number 1 trusted brand. Our Sleep Research Foundation has pioneered in making Master an epitome of trust in the healthcare and bedding industry. Today, there is a Master product in almost every home, helping achievers big and small to overcome daily challenges in a way most won’t even realize...

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  • Celeste Achievers - Tauseeq Haider

    Frankly, this question takes me almost fifty years back. Throughout the years, I did not let my inner child die. If you want to live to the fullest and be happy, it’s important to never let that inner child die. What's your definition of an 'Achiever’?I’d like to first chalk out what’s ‘competition’ People usually think that a person who achieves, wins a competition and then he/she achieves something. I’m personally against competition and I am against scoring, grades and positions such as we know in our academic system. I like competition only if one competes against one’s own self, and so your own achievement is to improve and soar higher. If you are a better person than yesterday, then you are an achiever....

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